About Foundation FAMS Relieve Liberia

Foundation FAMS Relieve Liberia is a Netherlands registered non-profit foundation that is aimed at empowering people with disabilities and orphans in Africa, primarily in Liberia.

For 12 months our founder Miss Mamie Free, a volunteer also a skill Trainer under the UNHCR/CARITAS micro Loan Project has worked with many refugee, women with disabilities at the Peace Town Refugee Camp in Guiglo, in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. Miss Free has Trained many young refugee girls to be self-sufficient. They were thought such skills as Hair braiding, sewing and Home Arts that helped them generate income, before fleeing the civil war in the Ivory Coast to Ghana.

While in Accra, Ghana West Africa at the Buduburam Refugee Camp, Miss Mamie Free, volunteer as a Disabled Coordinator for a nonprofit 'Movement for the Promotion of Gender Equality' (MOPGEL) Disabled department for about two years.

The inspiration she got from these services that were provided to disabled refugee women and girls, the need to bring relief to the disabilities, gave birth to the Foundation FAMS- Relieve Liberia when she migrated to the Netherlands. FAMs goal is to work with local and international organizations around the world to empower those with disabilities and provide sustainable solutions toward achieving a more inclusive society for people with disabilities and their families.

Prior to the 14 years of civil crisis in Liberia, Many children with disabilities have faced discrimination and above all, forsaken by family members and denied access rental homes and public schools. The civil crisis had increased people with disabilities with their condition even more worrisome as never before. the Lack of education facilities, housing and income make up the numerous challenges disabled Community faced in Liberia.